The handwriting on the wall can no longer be ignored. A global crisis is at hand. Ecological ruin caused by environmental degradation, if unchecked, will hasten the imminence of the Second Coming which is prophesied in both the Qurán and the Bible. This is manifest in the extreme climatic conditions like super typhoons in the Philippines, China, and Japan, monsoon rains-caused floods in India and the rest of Southeast Asia, hurricanes visiting the U.S. Eastern Board and states lying along the Gulf. The latest news reports at least twelve dead because of floods in France. Pollution of air, water, and land, defeated mountains, denuded rain forests or watersheds, dying rivers and lakes, and other forms of violence done to the natural environment have resulted in flash floods, landslides, fish kill, global warming and the melting of the great icebergs in the Arctic Region and Antartica. Mother Nature is being choked up by consumerism, man’s rapacious exploitation and relentless drive for development. Her going berserk in her wrath, leaving a trail of destruction, suffering, and tragic losses, has a sense of inevitability about it.

We, in the Mindanao State University, are very honored and proud to have the Kastamonu University and the Bogor Agricultural University and SEAMEO-Biotrop as partners in a noble enterprise that we hope shall preserve the world for the succeeding generations. As an African proverb says it for us: “The world is not ours; it is merely lent to us by our children.”

I salute the ardent interest and enthusiastic participation of those many minds on fire and helping hands that are behind the success of ICEFC 2018 and reserve a double salute for our friends and partners from Turkey and Indonesia.



MSU System President

Greetings from Kastamonu University!

I would like to congratulate the Mindanao State University System, Kastamonu University, other partners, and organizers of this event for successfully bringing this “International Conference on Environment and   Forest   Conservation”  to this day where academicians and scientists from around the world converge together for sharing scientific information and technology in this three-day international conference.  We are glad that our partnership, which we started four years continue to actively gain its accomplishments, and counting more. Our collaboration, which was started by our international coordinators Prof. Dr. Renato Pacaldo and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sivacioglu who stirred the pot for this international conference to happen, is gaining strength and producing results. This cooperation is crowned with the projects submitted to Turkish organizations.  Moreover, under this cooperation, some of you had visited our university for academic and student mobility and vice-versa. 

Kastamonu University is determined to further strengthen this partnership, not only because of the international programs of our both university but because of our common desire to help humanity through scientific discovery and technology as well as provision of best education and training to students. The internationalization program would bring opportunities to our universities, open up for more market and economic opportunities for our graduates. This would pave the way of converging resources and talents so as to generate more local and global talents and high impact researches and technologies, which could be used to solve many problems around us to make our home a better place to live in. Although the realization of this goal requires a lot of resources and talents, we could achieve our common goals of becoming a globally recognized university in research, academic excellence, and innovations through this collaboration. 

This conference in which bioengineers and researchers around the world will share their knowledge and research outputs is the proper venue for us to gain more scientific knowledge and updates on the different fields we are working for in our respective academic and research institutions. Following this conference, it is our challenge how we could translate this knowledge in finding solutions to the many environmental problems surrounds us that affect human well-being. We all know the daunting environmental challenges in our times, such as pollution and climate change, which if not address, would bring in human disaster and economic dislocation worldwide. Although climate change impacts have been experienced in many countries, like the Philippines, it should not be used as a means of economic exploitation. Despite the international community’s efforts to address these problems, finding the most appropriate prescriptive solutions to these problems remains uncertain. It is in this context that we are hosting this ICEFC to share our scientific knowledge and technology that would contribute to the solutions of these problems and complement the international community’s efforts to address environmental challenges, particularly climate change. 

Cheers to all of us for the success of this conference!

Prof. Dr. Seyit Aydin
Rector, Kastamonu University

On behalf of SEAMEO BIOTROP, I would like to congratulate the Mindanao State University (MSU) System in the Philippines and Kastamuno University in Turkey in organizing this strategic International Conference on Environment and Forest Conservation (ICEFC) with the theme ”Ecosystem Research and Innovation for Sustainable World”.  I believe that this conference is a good opportunity for scientists and other stakeholders to share results of their research and innovation to tackle critical issues related to environment and forest conservation.

Mining industry is an important industry in Southeast Asian countries as well as those outside the region.  It contributes to national economic development and also support local communities. However, it is also often blamed to promote degradation of our environment, especially the forest ecosystem

SEAMEO BIOTROP has developed technologies and approaches to maximize the benefit from mining industry and reduce the negative impact to the environment and the forest.  Our close collaboration with scientists in universities and research centres, relevant government agencies, and mining companies have resulted to strong, scientific-based, and implementable regulations for mine reclamation.  Our Centre is honored and privileged to share our experiences in this important conference in developing technologies and approaches to improve mine reclamation in Indonesia and discuss our current achievements.

I would like to thank the President of MSU and the committee of the ICEFC for inviting our Centre to be a part of this Conference.   I hope that this would also further strengthen the collaboration between our institutions.  I also wish that the Conference would bring significant results for MSU and all participating institutions.

Director, SEAMEO-Biotrop




(ICEFC 2018)

November 18th-21st, 2018 | Dakak Beach Resort, Dapitan City, Philippines

 Honorable President of Mindanao State University, Honorable President of Kastamonu University, Honorable Director of BIOTROP,  Respectable delegates of the friendly Universities, the distinguished staff of Mindanao State University and Kastamonu University and all participants and attendees of the International Conference of Environment and Forest Conservation (ICEFC 2018).

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.

Good Morning,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

 First of all, let us give Praises to the Almighty Allah SWT the Most Loving and the Most Merciful for His blessings that enable us to be present in this very important international conference,today.

It is obviously a grand tribute for me to represent Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) to cordially congratulate Mindanao State University (Philippines) and Kastamonu University (Turkey) as hosts of this year’s International Conference on Environment and Forest Conservation (ICEFC 2018). The conference has been nicely fabricated to embark on massive collaborative partnership that concentrates on the theme of Ecosystem Research and Innovation for a Sustainable World. Aiming to be a feasible avenue for the exchange of ideas among academicians, scientists, practitioners, scholars, and students all over the globe -, this conference undoubtedly indicates the solid and robust commitment of the host and participating universities, particularly Mindanao State University and Kastamonu University, and the notable and contributive benefits gained by all involved parties.

Let me introduce our university at a glance.  Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) was established in 1963. Presently, it has nine faculties and two campuses located in Bogor City and Darmaga, West Java, Indonesia. Currently, IPB has around 28,800s active multistrata students and 12,200s academic staff. Our vision is to become a research-based higher education of international standard and a prime mover of mainstream agriculture . In 2018, IPB has gained a position of being in the first 100 best universities in Agriculture and Forestry in the QS World University Ranking , ranks 3rd in the national best university, 1st in innovation development and commercialization, and again ranks 1st in  the best international collaboration/foreign research partner. Until the last graduation in October 2018, IPB has 154,786 alumni.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Environmental and forest conservation issues which are the focus of this conference are projected not merely at the local, regional, or national but also global level. Hence, the expected outcomes are broadened paradigms for nurturing more environmental and forest conservation research and innovations, particularly through interdisciplinary practices, for a more sustainable world for humankind and all living creatures. Following that very objective, we at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) have been progressively developing and contributing our finest and foremost innovations, marked by one of our most recent accomplishment being granted this year as The Most Innovative University throughout the country. Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and entire higher institutions involved in this conference ought to contribute hand-in-hand towards research advancement, as preparatory conducts on tackling the crux of the matter and problem in the near future.

Lastly, Bogor Agricultural University would like to congratulate all the distinguished participating universities who have possessed such active contribution throughout the preparation and realization of this conference. We indeed believe that a remarkable, firm and reinforced support from one fellow university towards another is one substantial element for fruitfulness.

We, at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), express our heartfelt wish that this conference results in stride and success and indeed may this conference strengthen our collaboration in the very near future. Thank you.


Bogor, November 2018

Given that the conservation of the environment depends more on the actions and efforts of its human inhabitants, this year’s International Conference on Environment and Forest Conservation (ICEFC) is an excellent avenue of discussions on forest and environment issues, best practices, and researches for the conservation and promotion of a sustainable planet.

Organized by four big educational institutions from Asia and Europe, the ICEFC joins together scholars, scientists, and researchers from all over the globe for a shared cause and for bringing to the fore each of their critical and constructive look at the world’s present ecological state, challenges, and opportunities for green economies.

It is my hope that through this conference, wider recognition can be gained for environmental studies and innovations - that they are as equally important to the business of economic, cultural, and technological development and that they merit a rightful place in the academic planning of universities and educational institutions.

Chancellor, MSU - IIT, Iligan

Warmest felicitations and congratulations to the four pillars of ICEFC 2018: Kastamonu University, Turkey, Bogor Agricultural University and SEAMEO Biotrop in Indonesia and the 11 campuses comprising the MSU System!

Putting together the best minds in an international conference is not an easy task. However, with the convergence of efforts of the four pillars of ICEFC2018, a seemingly enormous undertaking becomes an easy and enjoyable learning experience. 

The theme of the ICEFC2018, “Ecosystem Research and Innovation for a Sustainable World” reminds us to focus all our endeavors towards the sustainability of our home – planet Earth! 

MSU Naawan is a very small campus of the MSU System. Yet, her fame in the realm of research and conservation reverberates beyond the borders of the country. MSU Naawan’s research, extension and academic engagements with both national and international partners contributed to spreading ripples of hope to the marginalized fisher folks and remotely situated farmers and indigenous people in the hinterlands. A small campus but blessed with a workforce with big hearts willing to give an extra mile to teach, inspire and recruit more advocates for nature conservation.

As we share research experiences in the conference, may we start building bridges, make new friends, continue our collaboration and always think of our mother Earth in our decisions and actions.

May we always fulfill our mission to be good stewards of nature in our respective areas of influence. GOD bless us all.    

Chancellor, MSU - Naawan

Ladies and Gentlemen:
        Greetings of peace! 
The Mindanao State University System will prove its mettle again as a state university with the conduct of the International Conference on Environment and Forestry Conversation (ICEFC) at Dakak Beach Resort, Dapitan City, Philippines, on November 18-21, 2018, in collaboration with the Kastamonu University in Turkey. Its theme “Ecosystem Research and Innovation for a Sustainable World” is both timely and necessary in a world, which is beset by serious threats to its ecosystem such as climate change and other ecological problems resulting in environmental degradation. 

The research outputs that will be presented in the ICEFC will benefit students, teachers, and administrators of the madrasah, elementary and secondary schools, and higher education institutions for future curricular assessment and policy formulation with respect to environmental education. Moreover, the local government units and other government agencies in the Philippines directly involved in environment and forestry conservation will become aware of new thrusts and trends in environment and forestry conservation research and innovation nationwide and worldwide, which are to be articulated during the four-day conference. The ICEFC will also serve as a forum for mutual mentoring, sharing of research skills and updates, and future research and innovation. 

May God shower the ICEFC and the people behind it with His guidance and blessing for a fruitful and memorable international conference. 

Congratulations to everyone for this noble and laudable undertaking!


Chancellor II, MSU-Sulu

Warmest felicitations from the Mindanao State University-Buug!

For bringing together prestigious universities and institutions to heed the call of nature for help, my highest commendation to the Mindanao State University System. The ICEFC 2018 is a laudable endeavor which will awaken everyone’s conscience from a deep slumber of non-care to begin a move for the protection of our environment. Through the ICEFC 2018, nature’s complaint will be heard, its bruises will be seen and its sufferings will be felt through the research findings. Humans do not appear to be directly threatened by the predicted consequences of global warming, climate change and many other effects of an altered natural ecosystem. Hence, they do not care. For as long as they do not fall victim to nature’s wrath, the environment is least remembered. But with the ICEFC 2018, even the softest whisper of nature becomes audible. 

As well, I am encouraging the prime movers of this project to continue the endeavor. Through the ICEFC 2018, the MSU System is beginning to transmit the Earth’s signal: KNOW. CARE. ACT. Let the world know what is happening to Mother Earth, encourage people to take steps to protect it and inform others of the need to know, to care and to act now. Let ICEFC 2019 possible.

Chancellor, MSU - Buug

ssalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu!

The Mindanao State University- Maguindanao constituents always feel grateful and proud to be part of the MSU System. The institution has continuously grown, and its existence has been felt and recognized not only in the region, but also across the globe because of its commitment to deliver quality education, excellence in research development, extension, and environmental conservation for 4 decades already. It remains resilient and steadfast amidst challenges, adversities, and conflicts. In fact, the institution has been a dynamic player in the implementation of the Science and Technology Frontline for Emergencies and Hazards Program of the DOST-PCAARRD. The program rehabilitates the vulnerable ecosystem of the eroded riverbanks in Maguindanao.

The International Conference on Environment and Forest Conservation in partnership with Kastamonu University in Turkey is a laudable endeavor that aims to contribute in protection, promotion and preservation of the environment for a sustainable world. Certainly, it has not been an easy task for the System, but with the cooperation, unity and commitment of the 11 MSU campuses, it has come to reality.

I would like to congratulate the System Officials headed by Hon. President Habib W. Macaayong, the Kastamonu University, the standing committees, sponsors, participants, and all those who are behind this one of the major accomplishments of Mindanao State University System.

I hope that this conference will serve as an avenue for us to further spur our massive campaign on Peace Education and Sustainable Environmental and Forest Conservation efforts.

Congratulations! Mabuhay MSU!

Chancellor, MSU-Maguindanao

Assallamu Alaykom Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu!

It is with great pleasure to congratulate all the organizers, facilitators and participants of the MSU-KU International Conference on Environment and Forest Conservation (ICEFC) which takes place in the beautiful Dakak Beach, Dapitan City. To put a conference of this magnitude is indeed an arduous task for the organizers, but nothing is too arduous for passionate souls like that of the organizers of this very event. My admiration to these brave and passionate souls! 
In Mindanao, numerous researches regarding education, social sciences and humanities, public governance and many others have been tremendously presented to various local and international conferences. Very few offered in the light of forestry and environmental sciences. ICEFC thus echoes the urgent call for researchers to present and unveil different topics in conserving the diversity of life on earth. Millions of people and other different species share the same planet. To have a safe, harmonious and better future, it is high time to value the environment. One of the several ways to address it is to hold a conference like this ICEFC. This conference allows scholars, scientists, practitioners, environmentalists and interested participants from the country and other parts of the world to collaborate, share outputs and add a little something to conserve the diversity of life. 
May this conference shed lights to different individuals to end the dark reality of deforestation and environment contamination, and may this inspire everyone to help save mother earth!
Kudos to all the brilliant people behind this mission!

Vocational School Superintendent II, MSU - LNCAT 

For many years now, there are countless and varied studies and researches conducted and produced for the betterment of our society and humanity. Today, we are once again celebrating the human innate ability to search and discover mysteries and knowledge that will help alleviate the depressing human situation and the degrading quality of life.

With this conference focusing on researches on environment and forest conservation, I look at it as a blessing. I, together with the faculty and staff of Mindanao State University-Lanao del Norte Agricultural College, feel very delighted to have MSU – Kastamonu University International Conference on Environment and Forest Conservation. This conference does not only provide an avenue for avid researchers on environment and forest conservation but also give a great deal of hope for the restoration and alleviation of our dying mother nature.

With this International Conference on Environment and Forest Conservation, allow me to extend my sincerest felicitations to Kastamonu University and our mother institution Mindanao State University System for realizing this kind of conference and making the collaboration of two proud and excellent universities possible. Allow me also to extend my profound gratitude for allowing MSU-LNAC to be part of this commendable endeavor in the field of research and for allowing us to be one in the noble quest for the betterment of our environment, our earth, and our home.
Visioning the success of this conference, I am looking forward to attending more of this every year.  May Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful, and the most benevolent bless us all who work for His Glory. Once again thank you and Mabuhay!

  Campus Head/Superintendent, MSU - LNAC

Our sincerest thanks and gratitude to the top executive officers of both Mindanao State University and the Kastamonu University Turkey for spearheading this International Conference on Environment and Forest Conservation (ICEFC), to President Dr. Habib W. Macaayong and the  Rector of Kastamuno University Professor Dr. Seyit Aydin.

My warmest congratulations to the Vice-Chairpersons headed by MSU Vice President Rasid Paca, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sivacioglu of KU, and Atty. Renato Pacaldo for initiating the formulation of various activities that led to this final program. To the working committees and your members, this is the product of your hard work and dedication.

The ICEFC will no doubt bring another milestone in the global concern for environmental conservation and protection so that the future generations will have a better and safer place to live. The output of this conference will influence the kind of programs and activities that participating institutions and individuals may endeavour to carry out in their respective areas of responsibilities.

Long live MSU, Long live Kastamonu University, and their partners for a successful conduct of this international conference on environment and forest conservation.


Executive Vice President & Officer-in-Charge, MSU Maigo


Let me congratulate the MSU System and its partner institutions for organizing the International Conference on Environmental and Forest Conservation (ICEFC) 2018. 

A noble and timely event dubbed with environmental conservation studies under the social sciences such as this brings together scholars, experts, and researchers to address one of the most compelling demands of our time, that is, environmental protection and conservation. 

Region XII where Mindanao State University General Santos is located has a rich biodiversity of wildlife, from its aquatic resources such as Sarangani Bay in Sarangani Province and Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, to the many agricultural and fruit products of different municipalities. Indeed, the region is endowed with natural bounty and beautiful sceneries the communities and its visitors enjoy.

With this is our responsibility to protect and develop these gifts by producing competent human resources and leaders through the academe, as Mindanao State University General Santos envisions to be a globally competitive university in Southern Philippines. For one, the Graduate School is offering graduate education for sustainable development studies.

In the next three days, we shall witness the various discussions, world views and research outputs on environmental issues, changing paradigms and innovations, all to care for the earth. May I say, other than our experts, even the artists have their own expressions of love and affection for the environment to inspire the indifferent to act and do the right thing for the planet.

Once again, my sincere thanks to Kastamonu University, Bogor Agricultural University and SEAMEO-BioTrop of Indonesia for joining the MSU System with this noble cause. May our spirit of unity urge more institutions, private and government agencies, to envision a world fair for man and nature.

Chancellor, MSU - General Santos

It is my great pleasure and distinct honor to convey my warm felicitations to the delegates and participants to the International Conference on Environment and Forest Conservation.

From all indications, planet Earth is sick and is at risk of catastrophic despoliation, if not eventual extinction. We only have to see the dire consequences of global warming – unprecedented heat waves, floods, hurricanes, droughts, famine, land desertification – scenarios we thought we would only see in sci-fi and disaster movies. But this is stark reality brought about by technological advancement, human greed, ignorance, and apathy. The downside of so-called progress has led political thinker Jean Jacques Rousseau to wryly comment: “Civilization is a hopeless race to discover remedies for the evils it produces.”

The ecological clock is ticking. To save Mother Earth from ultimate destruction, we urgently need to clean up our acts together NOW! Individually and collectively, we have to minimize, if not eradicate pollution of any kind, cut carbon emission, protect wildlife, plant trees, anything and everything to preserve, conserve and protect the environment and the forests. This all boils down to striking a delicate balance between personal and corporate crass commercialism and responsible, equitable, and sustainable development. Initiatives like this Conference can go a long way in raising consciousness and galvanizing actions toward the survival of the global ecosystem.
We ought to pay back to our only Home in the solar system. We owe it to our generation and to the generations to come.

I wish that we will have an inspiring and meaningful engagement in this Conference as part of our journey towards the rehabilitation of planet Earth.

Chancellor, MSU - Tawi-tawi